Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday 5, Wicked Awesome Hat Wednesday

I was in Orlando on business this week, so WAHW was postponed. Good times were had in Orlando as I exposed my glowing white skin to some actual sun shine and temperatures above 30 degrees. The question begs to be asked though, if I lived in a warm climate permanently would I ever be motivated to do anything productive? The weather in Orlando was frigging awesome with temps in the 80's, light breeze, and only one day with some reasonable cloud cover. I got to check out the city a bit after business hours, and got to rock the pool, hot tub, so I can't complain.

A few pretty hysterical things happened on the trip which I will list below:

When we asked an Asian waitress at the hotel bar if she recommended any good local non-touristy sea food places she replied with the options of either Red Lobster or Arbys. Because I was 1/2 embalmed with Red Bull and Stoli it was pretty hard not to laugh hard enough to soil myself. I scratched my chin to feign deep thought and said "Red Lobster...interesting?!?". I am still trying to figure out Arby's as a sea food recommendation. I am sure they have some 2-$5 fish deal going on with the Lenten season, but even if you are completely foreign wouldn't Arby's not come off like a sea food place?

For some reason alot of the local places in Orlando card EVERY person who orders a drink. Not just people who look younger than 38 or whatever number. Later in one evening I was carded and submitted my AAA card for age verification. Not sure why I did this, but it took the waitress, at least 2 minutes to realize my chicanery. Good times.

This actually happened to my boss, not to me, but it is worth mentioning. A guy sitting next to him on the flight was asked if he would like the in flight snack. He responded with "As long as there is enough for everyone." Of course this was pretty odd, but no one paid it much mind, until he later requested a glass of water under the same stipulation. The same guy had a pretty rough time during the flight, and pretty much was convinced that the plane was going to burst into flames at any moment. He closed and opened his window shutter at least 30 times during the flight.

We went down to a city near Orlando called Celebration, and were kind of weirded out with how nice it was. Imagine being on the set of the movie Pleasantville but more perfect than that. Usually you'd think being in such an amazing setting would be cool, but it was strangely disconcerting. I wanted something bad to happen just to feel more normal about things. While we were there I don't think I saw one car older than 2005, and most of the cars driving around were luxury models. There were also an insane amount of the "Smart Cars" or souped up golf carts on the roads which just made things weirder.

The security guards at the Orlando World Center Resort all rock Segways. Which was pretty hysterical. There is nothing like chilling poolside with a beer in awesome weather, and having a dude in a 3 piece suit roll past you on a segway.

This weeks Wicked Awesome Hat comes to us from the AAA Affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. The Iron Pigs look honors Lehigh Valley’s role in producing much of the steel that built America. The primary logo includes a stylized pig head made of iron and the words “IronPigs” riveted together in bold letters. The team’s official colors Brick Red, Furnace Blue and IronPigs Steel are colors of the old Bethlehem Steel mills. “Iron Pigs” is derived from “Pig Iron,” the raw iron used to make steel. The iron was called Pig Iron because it ran into a row of molds, said to resemble a litter of pigs.

Now without further discussion on the delicious sea food from Arby's I give you my Friday 5.

1. Cadbury Eggs

2. Ashley Judd

3. Fight World Magazine

4. Rob & Big

5. Hero with Jet Li

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