Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday 5, Tribe, Other Junk

The Tribe swept Kansas City to pull with in 2 games of the .500 mark, and now will start a 4 game tilt with the Yankees. I am glad to see CC pitching better, and Cliff Lee continues to be out of his effing mind (4-0 0.25 ERA). I think once we start hitting with more consistency we'll see the Tribe team we all expected. Hopefully the Bullpen will come around also, because everyone has looked shaky from Betancourt on down.

The Cavs got whupped on by the Wizards last night, but maintain a 2-1 lead in the series. I am a big fan of NBA basketball when both teams truly dislike each other and their is something on the line. Regular season NBA basketball is kind of boring to me, but the playoffs are pretty enjoyable. The ongoing feud between the Wiz and the Cavs is fun to follow.

This is draft day weekend, and I can honestly say I probably won't pay much attention. I am sure the largest reason is because the Browns don't have a pick in the 1st 3 rounds, but I am cool with that. I have read up on what people believe Phil Savage's mindset is going into this draft, and I am down with it. He basically focused on the D-Line, and felt that he couldn't drastically improve our defensive front with any of the potential picks we would have in rounds 1-3, so he took that money and moved it towards signing Shaun Rogers and Corey Williams who are 2 established 3-4 defensive linemen. Either way I think we have become better defensively during the offseason, so no its time to sit and wait for trainning camp, and THE 5 NATIONALLY TELEVISED games the Browns have next year...Good times.

Now without further Adieu I give you my Friday 5.

1. Rocky IV

2. The emergence/comeback of Cliff Lee

3. Pumas

4. Garlic Tabasco

5. The GI Joe 25th Anniversary Collection

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

I checked out Forgetting Sarah Marshall this weekend and was pretty entertained. I don't know where it ranks against Knocked Up or Superbad, but it was a pretty decent flick all and all. Mila Kunis was pretty good in here role as the other woman, and in my opinion is an upgrade over Kristen Bell. In that situation A guy couldn't really lose in that situation. I could have done without the 10 or so scenes of male frontal nudity, but it did add to the akward feeling of the scenes. I also saw previews for another flick upcoming by the guys who have done these movies called Pineapple Express, and it looks hilarious. It is sort of a combination of the old cheech and chong flicks but with a Midnight Run action flavor to it. I am definitley looking forward to seeing this movie when it drops in August.

The Tribe is killing me right now. Criaggers and I headed down to the finale of the Tigers series to see Fausto pitch a gem, and the bats actually come alive. I wish this team could put together complete games, because lately either one facet of our game shows up like pitching, and the other doesn't. It is good to see Pronk starting to take good swings, and I am also happy Garko hasn't hit a sophomore slump, but the 2 headed monster in Left field is sort of killing us right now. Hopefully either Michaels or Dellucci get it together, or I wouldn't be suprised to see Ben Francisco get the call from Buffalo. I also have been watching Barfield's stats, and he is hitting well in AAA. Shouldn't he be a good enough athlete to play left? Whatever the case is, I am trying not to go into full out panic mode, but it is tough, April is coming to a close, and this team just seems to be stuck in neutral.

I haven't had a Friday 5 post since I was knee high to a grass hopper so here goes:

1. Sasa Matsu- The Sasa Fire roll is absurd, it is probably the best sushi roll ever

2. Lupe' Fiasco- I-Rocco Baldelli has been blasting "Superstar" non-stop

3. Matt Holiday- Single handedly carrying my fantasy baseball team

4. My Prescription Kaenon Variant's- I am psyched for sunglass weather again

5. The Ultimate Fighter 7- Having the contestants fighttheir way on to the show was an awesome idea.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up & Junk

Checked out some NCAA tourney action and a lot of baseball this weekend. I was pretty suprised with both Memphis and Kansas beating UCLA and UNC respectively. I had UCLA/UNC playing for the title, but both seemed to shit the bed in the national semis. I was pretty shocked that Tyler Hansboro got beat up pretty bad on the boards and offensively. I have seen him play probably 3-5 times, and he always seems like the scrappiest player on the floor, but against Memphis he just looked outclassed.

The Tribe had an up and down opening week. Opening day they took a 7 run lead on the Chi-Sox, relinquished the lead, and then Casey Blake bailed them out in full out baseball savior mode. More than anything I am bothered that our bullpen has looked shaky, and CC has looked erratic. I also am worried that Victor is hurt worse than the Tribe is letting on. Hopefully things gel without him in the lineup. More than anything else there are still 157 games left, so I am not even close to panicking, but alot of the mental check marks I had about the 08 Tribe are not question marks.

The new Jet Li Jackie Chan flick "Forbidden Kingdom" looks bad ass. Uusally Jackie Chan plays more clownish loveable figures, and Li is more the anti-hero type. I am kind of psyched to see what direction they go in with the story in this one. Having two of the best martial art stars in the same movie can't be a bad thing though.

Greg Giraldo comments on getting old, man-boy whores, and bitches...good times.